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Статусы отслеживания посылок 4PX Express:

Delivery Failed


parcel departed from exchange office

Accepted by carrier

Hand over to airline


Outward Collection


shipment departed from airport of origin country

Receive item at delivery office

Information received

Shipment arrived at facility and measured

Sūtījums saņemts no klienta

Abnormal delivery

Arrived at Hong Kong hub


Despatched  to overseas

Inbound in sorting center

Held by Customs at Destination

Transit to Destination Processing Facility

Shipment operation completed

Item delivered

Shipment information received

Sūtījums nosūtīts uz Latviju (EDIsaņemts)

Hong Kong - Hand over to carrier

Packaged into air pallet and ready to loading plane

Depart from Overseas Processing Facility

Leaving the operating point

Notification of shipment confirmation

Sūtījums saņemts pasta apmaiņas vietā

Package arrived to destination airport

Arrival at Processing Center

Shipment arrived at airport of destination country

In transit, it's progressing through Post network

4px picked up shipment


Arrival in destination country

Depart from facility

Departed from Hong Kong international airport

Picking the operating point



Depart from transit country or district

Hong Kong - Hand over to airline


Linehaul handover to next forwarder

Arrive at facility

Departure from Transit Office

Order information received by carrier


Shipment arrived at destination country

Shipment arrived at facility

Shipment confirmation

Depart from facility to service provider

Preparing to Dispatch

Outbound in sorting center

Sūtījums ievietots maisā

Arrive at destination country

Export clearance success

departed from export center

Arrive at transit country or district

Package accepted by the warehouse

fpx sign

Received at Destination Processing Facility


Packing the operating point

Parcel information received

Shipment departed from facility

Departure from outward office of exchange

Received from Customer

Package arrived to destination country


Hong Kong - Package departed

Receive item at collection point for pick-up

Post office collection

Released from customs: customs cleared

Fpx pciked up shipment

Arrival at Destination