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Convenient and fast tracking of parcels from around the world

The popularity of online shopping grows daily, as many products from the global trading platforms (Aliexpress, eBay, TaoBao) are much cheaper and sometimes even better than those offered in local stores. In connection with this, the issue of tracking mail items becomes urgent, because everyone wants to know when the cherished package will come. Let's try to figure out how to do it most conveniently.


What are the identifiers for?


An identifier, a track number or simply a track, is an alphanumeric code that tracks the sending path from the moment of registration in the post office of the sender to the final delivery point. Usually this is a 13-digit combination consisting of:                     

  • 2 Latin letters (indicate the type of departure: small / large package, parcel, etc.)                     
  • 9 digits (unique code combination)                     
  • 2 Latin letters (indicate the sending country, for example, CN - China, GB - United Kingdom, US - USA, BY - Belarus, KZ - Kazakhstan PL - Poland, IT - Italy, etc.)


    The track number is given to the sender when the parcel is registered. Then he informs his future recipient. From now on, you can check the movement of the mail.


    How to set the location of the package?


    With the help of the unique service you can track any international mailings. For this it is sufficient:                     

  • enter the track number in the appropriate line;
  • click the "track" button
  • wait for a few seconds until the system processes your request.


    In a convenient form, information will be provided on the complete route of the parcel (through the reception point, sorting centers, to the place of issue). This is one of the main advantages of our service, in contrast to the sites of national postal operators, where the data on the parcel is indicated only in the period while it is in this country.


    All this is available for free to every unregistered user. If you want to take advantage of advanced features, we recommend registering with It does not take much time, but in the future it will be much more convenient to use it, especially if you often come from abroad or within the country.


    Benefits of registering with


                        After registration, you will have access to a private office in which you can quickly and conveniently track any correspondence, parcels from around the world, as well as:                     

  • set up notifications about the current status to e-mail, Telegrams
  • simultaneously control the movement of multiple orders
  • check the expiration of the order protection;
  • set up push notifications in the browser.


    You will have wide opportunities to control the movement of registered parcels from China, USA, Italy, Germany, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Canada and other countries. We support more than 300 tracking services around the world, so it's easy to locate any order.


    In addition, you can store identifiers of tracked parcels in your account. This will greatly simplify the search procedure, especially if you are not waiting for 1-2, but more than 10 purchases from different countries. You no longer need to go to different foreign sites every time, search for track numbers, and re-enter them. It is enough to copy them from the search history, and the current information will be displayed as quickly as possible.