The service, which will carry out the delivery order is buyer's. When you purchase products on Aliexpress, you must specify the company, the terms of which client are most appropriate. Free transport departure China Post and Aliexpress Standard Shipping.

After the seller has Packed the item purchased, he brings it to the office of the transport company. Already here it is assigned a unique tracking number, which the customer can track its last resting place. The number of items of a particular product listed on the user page, which covers the purchase.

How to track package from Aliexpress the tracking number

Initially, the purchase has first number is the code of the order. But it is not linked to the delivery service, track on it the movement of the parcel is impossible. A unique number will appear only when the seller will notify the selected company on the preparation of the order for transportation in the recipient country.

With the help of the track you can track the parcel from China, bought on Aliexpress. Enter the code in the window on the website click "Track" and after a few seconds the screen shows a report about where and when last checked the parcel with the purchased item.

With the service you can check the orders that were shipped more than 300 transport companies in the world. It quickly, conveniently and accurately.

How to track order from Aliexpress

Track-ticket merchandise gets in that moment when its status from "Issued" changed to "Sent". The system automatically assigns the mailing code, which is tracked through the path to the destination. For information for your purchase should:

How long does parcel from Aliexpress or the shipping time from Aliexpress

All users want as soon as possible to get the purchased item. This is a normal desire, especially if it is delayed in transit. The question then arises, how do you know when will come the parcel with Aliexpress? For each service a different period, but with the help of our service you will see the approximate date when the product will be in place at your post office. For example, the China Post delivers orders within a month, and ePacket, to a maximum of 21 days. There are still paid the Express service such as EMS, which is enough for 14 days, so that the customer received your shipment.


The optimal delivery time is 30 days. Expensive purchases are coming faster, but cheap slower. But the maximum allotted period on the way from a seller on Aliexpress to the buyer – 45 days, with a tolerance of +/- 15 days.


How long does parcel from Aliexpress in Russia

The speed of arrival of goods at the post office of the recipient depends on the following factors:

With help of our service you can spend tracking purchase on Aliexpress Saver Shipping on Russia. For residents of the capital is about two weeks, Khabarovsk and Vladivostok – it is 40-45 days.

Where come the packages from Aliexpress

This issue occurs if the buyer chose free shipping, which shows information about the shipment after it has left the territory of China.

attention! If

tracking from Aliexpress was impossible after crossing the border, it gets specified when placing the address of Mail of Russia. The main indicator for this is the index of the recipient. You will receive a notification only after the goods arrive in your post office.

In another situation, when the track number you can get information about travel purchases within Russia, you will personally hand courier service. In most cases the courier will call the customer and provides a meeting place for the transfer of the parcel.

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