Order tracking eBay in Russia

By purchasing goods on eBay, you need to specify the location (country) of the seller. It depends on method of delivery and that the postal/courier company he will be sent to the buyer.

Our service customer service eBay the buyer has the opportunity to know the receipt number of the courier service site, the timing of transmission/receiving and where the parcel . All data on TrackGo.ru presented translated into Russian language.

Thanks to the other services EBay, you can track parcels in the following ways:

Tracking of goods from China via Tracked Packet

Shipping ePacket is the most expeditious. Traders from China often use this method of delivery. To track the status of the parcel from China by ePacket or room service on eBay. It includes 13 digits and Latin letters: "LM", "BZ", "LX", "LN", "LW", "LK", "LF". To observe the movement of cargo is simple and convenient at any stage. Ordering in about 30 days.

Features delivery CPCR-Express

For customs clearance in SPSR-Express, you need to provide personal information (passport, ID). Then the parcel be delivered to the address.

How to track parcels sent with Winit

The Chinese company Winit provides its services in all countries. Commodities from China are sent with the courier service. Sending tracks are no – ID***CN ID***TW. It can be traced only in China. Unfortunately, only after receipt of notice from the Russian post you can learn about the arrival of the goods.

Control of goods with ePaket

ePacket is the budget option of sending from people's Republic of China. Rooms overhead – LW***CN, LX***CN. You can control both on eBay and on the website of the courier company.

Track parcels sent via China Post and China Post Small Packet eBay

Purchased goods are sent by China Post with encoding – RO*** – can be controlled.

With track-codes – UG***, UD***, UH0*** – doesn't track you.

If the code is sending 11 digits is unrecorded shipment China Post Small Packet.

If you have code "05" in front of 11 digits information on the receipt can be viewed on Winit and server eBay.

Ways to track shipped packages from eBay

Any order can be tracked in various ways.

Terms of delivery in Russia

Transportation duration depends on the country of the seller and the carrier. Statistics in forwarding consumer goods in Russia are practically absent. You can find out the delivery time of only a specific parcel tracker. It is also possible to monitor data of other customers and find their way around by date. The timing of the receipt of goods from America – up to 30 days, it all depends on the transport company.

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