Pandao (Panda)

Online store Pandao is a large trading platform, which creates serious competition for Aliexpress. Advertising propaganda is doing its, and Panda increasingly appears on the Internet, social networks, YouTube, to promote its famous bloggers, where the main emphasis is on low cost goods. Here you can buy different products and clothes for men and women, appliances, electronics, everything you need for a car. Each position has a description in Russian, which simplifies the process of selection, design and purchase your favorite stuff. To track the parcel from China Panda can be done on our service.

The sellers online store zainteresowany to increase its sales, so the question of free or very cheap shipping costs for them keenly. How do you know the code will come in your package? You'll find out below.

After the payment order to the seller Pandao packs purchase and prepares the delivery to the specified address. Further – it is the work of a courier company. Most often shipping been service.

Chinese sellers often unintentionally give a wrong track number at which track parcels from China Panda is not possible through the service of a specific courier company. But on our service you can track almost any package. The website you will find your package will be shown on the screen of your device all the information about her move, and the approximate time of delivery.

After check-in the user receives a personal account where you can control several departures from different online stores. We are working with three hundred services delivery that operate worldwide. is easy, simple and convenient!

Process tracking with Panda the tracking number is as follows:

Attention! The order number and the tracking number is completely different lights! The order number is the ordinal number of commercial transactions on the website Pandao, and the tracking number is a combination of the courier company, which the customer can see the delivery date and location of purchase.

How to find the track number on Panda

The track number or code of the departure is located on the order page. To find it, you must go to "Information" or "Details" and there already to look for your number.

The package arrived at a carrier facility - what it means to Pando

Sometimes a user when tracking your order faced with this not very clear definition, as "package arrived at carrier facility". It is not the status of delivery, and incorrect translation service YunExpress. It means that the parcel arrived at the warehouse or distribution center of the carrier. Usually, this happens after crossing the custom border with Russia. And its delivery will be the Post of Russia.

Order Panda not tracked

What is the reason, if the website page is marked "Sent" and the track indicator cannot be tracked on any service? It can be:

If the first track parcels from China Panda the number of departure without problems managed, and then the update stopped, probably, the parcel is on the territory of Russia, and keep track of it is no longer possible.

How many orders coming from Panda

It all depends on these factors:

You will receive full information about a specific track number. On average, the period of delivery goods 20-25 days for the Central regions of the country, 30-40 days for remote areas.

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