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Shopping online is a new opportunity and a good economy. One of the most accessible and popular Chinese sites for Russian consumers became JD. Moreover, 3 years running the Russian version of the service, which significantly simplifies the registration and payment of goods and other manipulations associated with the acquisition of things or equipment on the trading floor of the train. Now to track the parcel with JD.ru – simple!

Delivery of goods most often provides courier service SPSR Express. With her cooperation on the part of Russia. To track the parcel with JD on the track number on our service TrackGo.ru. Why once again to concern myself with different logistical confusion, if you can just copy the track number with the order information and paste it in the search window of the website. One click and all the information about a specific product in front of your eyes.

To obtain a license indicator departure is possible only after the transfer of the goods by the seller to the courier service. Has a track automatically appears in the personal Cabinet of a user when the parcel is already decorated transportation company.

What is JD (train)?

Jingdong or abbreviated JD – a huge online store, where to skimp any person. The main difference between ZHD from other popular trading platforms in Chinasuch as Taobao or Aliexpress, is the presence of our own warehouses and companies engaged in the delivery of goods from the warehouse to the buyer.

First, this online market has positioned itself as a store of magneto-optical devices. Today, it sells everything that relates to the field of high technologies. This service is actively used by the clients, whose number at the beginning of 2018 rose to almost 302 million people.

JD: how to track a package by order number

Making registration and payment, please fill in all fields, especially carefully recheck the shipping address. In order to track the parcel with JD, you need to make these steps:

After the action on the screen should receive detailed information about a particular product: its location, entering sorting centers and the like.

To track the parcel with JD on the order number it is possible only in case, if the carrier provided the company JD Equick SP. Then you don't need to wait for the track number, simply enter into the field to track the order number assigned on the website, and to access the report through the transport system Equick.

Options delivery services

Let's take a look at different companies that deliver goods purchased on Chinese online platform JD:

For complete information about a particular delivery, enter the track code in the track on the service TrackGo.ru and click the button "Track". Voila – before you report!

How much is the delivery with JD

The speed of the parcel to the recipient is influenced by such factors:

Previously, customers were waiting for their goods with JD a month, or more. But now, after the conclusion of a cooperation agreement with the service SPSR Express, the optimal processing time and delivery of the package is 7 business days.

Attention! Such a short period only applies to purchases made on the retailer railway.

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