Joom (Jum)

Chinese online store Joom – great service for virtual shopping. Shipping goods to customers are carried out in different ways. It can be as private transport companies and the China Post. If you're wondering how does the shipping process, how can I track my order while it's in the way – read the article further.

After the seller sends the parcel service delivery, it is assigned a special trackroom. These are the numbers by which the buyer keeps track of your product.

Attention! The number of departure is not the order number! To know the location of the parcel exactly according to the order number on the platform Jum impossible, because the transport company you use only your unique track number.

How to track order with Joom

Package tracking with Joom number and simple. To do this:

  • to register for the service TrackGo.EN;
  • in the line of the track to enter the number of items assigned to the purchase;
  • click the button "Track".
  • SF-Express – obtain information on the movement can be the case if the item sent via Registered eParcel SF, and only when it crosses the border of Russia. To know moving to China, unfortunately, impossible.
  • YunExpress – information is available only after registration of the parcel in Russia.
  • China Post Small Packet – movement is tracked only in China.


After these simple manipulations on the screen will be information on how your shipment moves, in which a sorting center, it was registered last.

With the service you can simultaneously monitor several purchases. You available more than 300 delivery services all over the world. With the location of the product will be installed in a matter of minutes.

To track the parcel Joom Russia

From the transport company that performs the delivery depends on the tracking of goods in China and on the territory of Russia. We consider the most popular service and the ability to identify packages by their tracking.

Where parcels come with Joom

All shipments with an online store Jum come to the post office address which you specified when filling the transport Declaration for the delivery of your purchase. The exact number of days, during which we will go to a parcel that cannot be determined as of the date of delivery. The fact that for the first registration in the postal system of Russia, it receives a new tracking number that is simply unknown to the Chinese services.

Just have to wait for the paper notice of delivery to your post office where the parcel can be collected, upon presentation of ID.

Not track the parcel with Joom

Unfortunately, there are situations where to track the parcel from China Joom number impossible. There are several options why this happens:

  • The easiest the seller has not dispatched the goods. In this case, the track number after tracking through will not be updated. Exit from such a situation there – just have to wait for the parcel sent. Or connect your Bank and to get an unscrupulous seller to return the funds to the card.
  • The parcel status "Arrival at destination country" or unrecorded shipment involves only a paper notice after the goods arrive at the post office. You can, of course, occasionally call the post office and to clarify if there are any parcels in your name. And so – just have to wait.


Arrived in the destination country Joom

Many users wondering how to track the parcel with Joomif it is already on the territory of Russia. The answer is simple and unequivocal – no way. Purchases often go by the delivery service SF Express, which is available for partial tracking, and only when the item is still in China. The last status you'll see when you update the track numbers is "Arrived in destination country". But immediately run to the post office is not worth it. It's just a confirmation that the parcel is in Russia.

The transit time for the Central part of the country is 1 to 7 days and for remote areas up to 20 days.

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