Taobao is a popular online shopping, which cooperates with a large number of users not only in Chinabut also in Russia and other CIS countries. To track purchased goods need to find out the status of your parcel – it was in the system or not.

For unregistered shipments track code is as follows – Ux012348765CN. Delivery is via company Mail China to verify the location of the order is possible only while he is still in the country of the sender, that is, in China.

Was the parcel too transportorul Mail China, but the number of the indicator in this case always starts with a Latin letter R, for example, RD*********CN. The second letter does not play a role, it can be any, but the last two are the definition of country where item is shipped. The middle track is a set of nine numbers.

Track parcels from Taobao

After the buyer paid for the selected goods, the seller prepares an order in service delivery. In order to track the parcel from Taobao, you need to know its track-room. It will appear in the personal Cabinet of the website user only 3-5 days after dispatch of the order.

Initially, the product will have a number in the international format. Check the movement on the site Air Mail China Post. But as soon as the order comes on the sorting item of the recipient country, it is already possible to find on the new track indicator is assigned for transportation of internal mail services. For Russians, it's Russian Post, for Ukrainians – Ukrposhta, for Belarusians – the Belarusian post office, for Kazakhs – Kazpost.

Track your parcels from Taobao with our service. Sign up and receive a personal account in which you can group your shipments and to monitor for multiple parcels simultaneously. collaborates with three hundred transportation companies that deliver parcels around the world. One click and all the information on the screen of your device.

Attention! The seller from the website of Taobao agent is not responsible for the speed of movement of departure. For him, the ultimate destination is a consolidation center of the carrier.

How long does parcel from Taobao

The optimal time of delivery of shopping with Taobao agent is 1 month. If we are talking about fast delivery by EMS, then this time is reduced to 10-14 days.

The algorithm for ordering and its transportation to the client the following:

Status tracking Taobao

When tracking the shipment, the user observes different statuses. Let's take a look at them:

On Taobao

Taobao – trade Internet site in China, part of a huge online giant Alibaba Group. The popularity of the site grows every day, he's already entered the top ten most visited commercial online resources in the world. Here make purchases and the people from different countries and continents. And to monitor and track shipments , they can use our service

In early 2018, the number of people who actively use this platform for shopping has exceeded 580 million people. And that says a lot.

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