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Статусы отслеживания посылок Chronopost France:

BAYON BPParcel Registered by the post office

BAYON BPShipment handed over by shipper

Chronopost FranceBagging scan

Chronopost FranceOutbound linehaul scan

Chronopost FranceParcel in transit

Chronopost FranceParcel held - missing documents (Invoice or customs paperwork)

Chronopost FranceParcel held in depot for after-sales service

Chronopost FranceReleased from customer service

DOMBASLE SUR MEURTHE PDC1Parcel Registered by the post office

ROISSY INTER CHRONOPOSTArrival at inbound gateway

ROISSY INTER CHRONOPOSTArrival at outbound gateway


RUSSIE - RUArrival at outbound gateway

RUSSIE - RUSorting done at departure depot

RUSSIE - RUShipment handed over by shipper