DSV is an international logistics operator. This transport company is engaged in various types of cargo transportation: land, air, sea, and also provides comprehensive services for the delivery of goods and mail as individual logistics solutions.

The company has offices in 70 countries, the number of customers is constantly growing.

Tracking DSV shipments is fairly easy to do independently on the organization’s website or in a universal real-time service.

You can additionally order the service of responsible storage of dsv goods: instead of renting a half-empty warehouse, paid money will be charged only for the area occupied by the cargo, which can significantly save money for the sender and the recipient. The storage organization bears full responsibility for the safety of the cargo and is obliged to protect customers from material damage.

How to track a parcel by DSV track number

To track DSV packets, you need to assign a tracking number. Track number is a unique combination of letters and numbers assigned to each parcel at the sorting point and serving as an identifier for the entire route.

You can track the package directly on the DSV website by entering each number separately. If the packet does not travel along the route long enough, you should check the DSV packet tracking and which carrier is responsible for the delay.

Always keep in mind that after crossing the border with Russia, the package is tracked through the Russian Post, and not on the DSV resource.

If the mailing is still not delivered and only 7 days are left before the delivery deadline, you should call DSV Support. You can only search for packages with track numbers.

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