ETS Express

RETS International Express Ltd (ETS, Etunshaw) is an international logistics service, founded in 1996 on the basis of Russian-Chinese trade relations. It has representative offices in many cities of China and Russia. ETS provides its customers with quality services for the delivery of goods and parcels: processing, storage and storage, transit, customs clearance.

How to track the parcel of ETS?

The company positions itself as an express service for delivering parcels of goods to Russian customers from Chinese websites (Aliexpress, Gearbest). The official website of Etunshaw displays information on the delivery speed for 7-15 days. There are happy people who received their goods so quickly, but on average in the Russian Federation this time is from 10 to 30 days. After customs, the package is handed over to the Russian courier company. ETS Express works with several agents: SDEK, Pony Express, Courier Service Express. The list can be updated and adjusted. Delivery is carried out "door to door" by a courier who will call you in advance and determine the time of delivery of the parcel.

All track numbers of the logistics company ETS Express are successfully tracked not only on the official website of the company, but also on our resource. With us you are always in the know!

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