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Expeditors Mail Tracking

Expeditors - Logistic company Official site: https://www.expeditors.com/

Amsterdam Postal Service Expeditor offers logistics services with an individual approach to customer needs. Shippers are supervised by specialized services such as Trackgo.ru. Using our site, you can track shipments anywhere in the world.

How to track an Expeditor package

To track a shipment, you must enter a unique identifier for the cargo on the Trackgo.ru website in the search bar. With Expeditors Track, you can instantly find products and get information on where they are today. The following status types exist:

  • the shipment left the post office;
  • Order;
  • Departure from the sorting point;
  • Departure of the airline;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Beginning of customs clearance;
  • Completion of customs clearance;
  • Reception by mail;
  • Delivery to the recipient.

Recommendation! Timely tracking of Expeditor mailings helps to timely close the dispute with the seller and avoid material damage if the parcel is not delivered within the specified time.

Reviews - "Expeditors"

Статусы отслеживания посылок Expeditors:

Наименование статуса Возможный перевод
Decl.Lodged w Customs Decl.Lodged w Customs
Est Arr Port of Unlading Est Arr Port of Unlading
Food & Drug Release Food & Drug Release
Shipment Turned Over Shipment Turned Over
Booked бронирования
At Final Destination В конечном пункте назначения
At Consol Destination В отеле Consol
Out for Delivery Готово для доставки
Trucker Notified Грузовик уведомлен
Decl. Lodged w Customs Децл. Помещенная таможня
Proof of Delivery Rcvd Доказательство доставки Rcvd
Delivered to Consignee Доставляется грузополучателю
Other Govt Agency Release Другие выпуски агентства Govt
Other Govt Agency Hold Другие холдинговые агентства Govt
Requested Delivery Date Запрашиваемая дата доставки
Import Customs Release Импорт таможни
Client Called for Pickup Клиент, вызванный для доставки
Out for Delivery На доставке
Appointment Scheduled Назначение по расписанию
Freight Received No Docs Перевозка не получена.
Confirmed on Board Подтверждено на борту
Comm Docs Received Полученные документы
Freight Received w/Docs Полученный фрахт w / Docs
Est Arrival at Dest Прибытие в Dest
Estimated Time of Arrival Примерное время прибытия
Note to Client Примечание для клиента
Food & Drug Hold Продовольствие и наркотики

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