Amsterdam Postal Service Expeditor offers logistics services with an individual approach to customer needs. Shippers are supervised by specialized services such as Trackgo.ru. Using our site, you can track shipments anywhere in the world.

How to track an Expeditor package

To track a shipment, you must enter a unique identifier for the cargo on the Trackgo.ru website in the search bar. With Expeditors Track, you can instantly find products and get information on where they are today. The following status types exist:

  • the shipment left the post office;
  • Order;
  • Departure from the sorting point;
  • Departure of the airline;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Beginning of customs clearance;
  • Completion of customs clearance;
  • Reception by mail;
  • Delivery to the recipient.

Recommendation! Timely tracking of Expeditor mailings helps to timely close the dispute with the seller and avoid material damage if the parcel is not delivered within the specified time.

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“The application is simple and straightforward, in Russian, all information about the package on one page, for the curious - you can track all the manipulations with the package.”