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Mail Tracking Fedex

Fedex - Official site: http://www.fedex.com/

FedEx is an American company that provides transportation services worldwide. Service began its existence in 1971. The founder of the company is Frederick Wallace Smith. The service entered the Fortune 1000 rating at the end of 2012, taking 70th place. FedEx has a lot of amazing stories. For example, at the very beginning the company was going through a difficult period. At that time, when he had to cover fuel costs in the amount of $ 24,000, the company had only 5,000. Then Frederick Smith withdrew all the funds and went to Las Vegas to win $ 27,000 in blackjack. Today, 660 cargo planes help deliver and track FedEx.

Airlines operate on a par with the company's trucks and daily send millions of parcels and documents to more than 220 countries around the world. FedEx offers tracking and shipping to anywhere in the world. The company provides FedEx tracking and international and intercontinental expedited delivery service. Outside the United States, there is the largest FedEx hub. It is located in Paris. FedEx tracking and shipping is an incredible business story. For example, a company was transporting a table for Vincent Van Gogh, white pandas, a white tiger, breeding horses and a hippopotamus. However, not all shipments are unusual from FedEx. The company also values ​​the environment and pays special attention to it.

If you want to track FedEx shipments, add the FedEx tracking track to the appropriate box on the website. Subject to registration with the service, you will receive notifications about the location of your valuable cargo.

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Статусы отслеживания посылок Fedex:

Наименование статуса Возможный перевод
Address corrected Address corrected
Delivery option requested Delivery option requested
In FedEx possession Владение FedEx
In transit В пути
At U.S. Postal Service facility В учреждении Почтовой службы США
At destination sort facility В целевом объекте сортировки
International shipment release Выпуск международной поставки
Ready for recipient pickup Готов к отправке получателей
Out for Delivery Готово для доставки
On FedEx vehicle for delivery доставка Федерал Экспресс
Delivered Доставлено
Clearance delay - Import Задержка оформления - импорт
Shipment information sent to FedEx Информация о доставке отправлена ​​в FedEx
Shipment information sent to U.S. Postal Service Информация о доставке, отправленная в почтовую службу США
Delivery exception исключение доставки
Shipment exception Исключение отправки
Left FedEx origin facility Левая служба доставки FedEx
International shipment release - Export Международная отправка грузов - экспорт
International shipment release - Import Международный выпуск отгрузки - импорт
Departed FedEx location Место отправления FedEx
At local FedEx facility На местном объекте FedEx
At FedEx origin facility На объекте FedEx
Dropped off at FedEx Authorized ShipCenter-NETPRINT & SHIP Отброшен в авторизованном ShipCenter-NETPRINT & SHIP
Picked Up Подобрал
Arrived at FedEx location Прибывшие на место FedEx
Clearance in progress Ход оформления

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