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Статусы отслеживания посылок TNT:

Delivered to neighbour

Pre-arrival customs clearance process started

Shipment is at nearest collection depot

There's been a delay but we're working hard to deliver on time

Delivery area not accessible. Follow-up actions underway

Company closed on delivery attempt. Follow-up actions underway

Shipment is out for delivery

Shipment collected from collection address

Shipment arrived at TNT location

Shipment arrived at connection point

Shipment now at depot nearest to delivery address

Shipment now at the depot nearest to collection address

Shipment being processed at TNT location

Shipment delivered in good condition

Holiday in transit location. Delivery at first opportunity

Receiver needs notifying before delivery or next del. day

Held at TNT location. Awaiting next departure

Customs has approved the goods for import

Shipment in transit

Formal customs clearance required