The ability to track orders from Computeruniverse will allow you to know exactly where the parcel is at the moment, and not worry that she may be lost. That's because the currently popular tracking services of freight forwarded transport, postal and courier services.

Tracking of delivery of

Orders Computeruniverse delivered to the Russian state company DHL Paket International from Germany. To track the status of your order and where the parcelcurrently is not difficult, since it is enough to visit the site and enter the search string the order number or a special code.

The tracking code is necessary not only to monitor the status of the order, but to receive the parcel at the post office or the transport company. Because if you don't have the ability to view a 12-digit number send by email or in the dashboard, when tracking on the website using the order number you will be displayed and the corresponding purchase of the parcel number.

The main stages of the movement of the parcel Computeruniverse

Process order shipment from Germany to Russia includes several stages:

The track will allow you to track the receipt of the order at the nearest post office and promptly received the package.

Computeruniverse shipping DHL

When shopping in Computeruniverse, parcel tracking allows you at different stages of processing and order shipment to know its location. Under shipping DHL refers to the transportation of goods to Deutsche Post AG. The tracking is done via the DHL website, but do not confuse it with DHL Express. Detailed data on the location and weight of the parcel can be viewed immediately after it is sent from the country of the sender.

On our site you can always get information about when your order will arrive at the office, or the data is about Express delivery to your address.

Computeruniverse: how much is the delivery

How much time will go parcel to the addressee, in the first place depends on where the recipient is located geographically, and only then from the German and Russian postal services. Usually shipping takes 1-2 weeks. Indicative date can be viewed on our website, while tracking the cargo location.

During checkout of possible preliminary calculation of delivery date based on statistics, the distance from Moscow to your city, with high precision from 1 to 3 days.

About Computeruniverse

Modern company Computeruniverse GmbH is one of the most popular suppliers of computers, laptops, electrical engineering and in Russia. The company was founded in 1999, and then began a rapid growth. In 2000 was created online store selling computer equipment.

At the moment the company has a large range of electrical and household equipment, IT equipment and significantly superior to the famous counterparts such as DNS, the production volumes and quality.

Package tracking will allow with the least amount of time and effort to get the most information about where is currently your order. Our service will help you to always keep abreast of events, wherever your purchase.

To track a shipment you must visit the site, in the field "search" enter the tracking code of the order and click a "follow" button, then the page will display all your order details, including departure date, weight, location, and expected date of receipt.

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