What is iHerb?

The online store of iHerb specializiruetsya sales of products on a natural basis. On the website you can order means to care for face and body, hair, vitamin complexes or biologically active substances to improve overall health or specific system. The company's products are stored under specific conditions and the process even has a confirmation certificate, as well as the quality of goods. Iherb sells their cosmetics and vitamins as well as organic household chemicals in nearly 150 countries, even in countries such cosmetic giants as Japan and China. The delivery system is designed correctly, you can track the parcel IHerb now available in Russian, and the expense the customer will provide in rubles, not in dollars.

Ordering from the store Iherb delivered different transport services. Most often it is Mail Sweden, Boxberry, DHL Express, SPSR , and others. When the client makes and pays for the purchase, the seller transfers the packaged goods to the company, which will deliver them to the specified place. To check the order on the second day after payment. Specifically for this manipulation each parcel is assigned a unique track-number, consisting of a certain number of letters and numbers. Learn indicator code specific packages you can in your personal profile, namely, detailed information on request.

How to track parcel from iHerb

Many people are interested in, how to track the parcel from iHerb in Russia. This can be done on the service TrackGo.ru. Registration on our website will allow you to track your shipments around the world – in Russia and abroad. Us updates available more than 300 courier services that deliver goods from different parts of the world.

If you make a few orders and want to control their movement at the same time, without visiting the office on iHerb, download the app on your smartphone and stay there for up to date information for each shipment.

Attention! For correct operation of the system packages you need to enter is the track number of the track and not the code of the order. This is a fundamentally different data.

Steps to track your order with Iherb

To know detailed way purchased Iherb product you can using the following algorithm:

After several simple manipulations, you will receive a report about where and when was your parcel, what sorting the points already passed and how many days (approximately) it will reach the addressee.

iHerb Boxberry tracking

One of the most convenient and comfortable way of shopping from an online store iHerb is a company Boxberry. Today there are a lot of points of delivery of parcels in different cities of the country. Here, you can always pick up your delivery queue and at any time.

To track the parcel from iHerb via Boxberry possible for the service TrackGo.ru. Feature is available in Russian language. You just need to paste the copied indicator in the empty search box and click on "Track". After that, the screen will display full information about the whereabouts of a particular order.

Shipping from iHerb to Ukraine via Nova poshta

For residents of Ukraine from 2016 products from the website Iherb transportorul the company Nova poshta. Term of delivery up to 10 days.

Track your purchase order with iHerb you can also on our service TrackGo.ru. And when the purchase crosses the border of Ukraine, the recipient finds out about it from text messages.

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