SF Express

SF-Express is a large logistics company for quick delivery. The company manages the flow of messages. SF-express was created in 1993 in the city of Shunde, China. The Corporation uses the 16 000 vehicles and 18 cargo aircraft. There is complete information support unregistered mail to Russia. Timely transport occurs through the diplomatic price. SF Express sent to many countries. For example, you can send a parcel to China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Macau, Australia, USA, South Korea, Thailand and others but as a rule, this service sends the parcel on AliExpress. In addition, the company has 10 500 branches in China alone and more than 260 offices worldwide.

Sign up at SF-express for tracking on our website. View route parcel from USA, China, Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries in just two clicks. Enjoy easy navigation of our service. Mail tracking AliExpress is one of the areas of our service.

If you have questions about the monitoring of SF-Express mail, please call the hotline: +7 (499) 653 55 33. For more information visit the official web site http://www.sf-express.com/. Entrust your parcel leading company for customer service.

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“The application is simple and straightforward, in Russian, all information about the package on one page, for the curious - you can track all the manipulations with the package.”