Asos (ASOs)

Currently, more and more people prefer shopping at online stores since they have a lot of advantages. ASOS is one of the most popular sites in the world. It is because in this article we explain how to track the parcel from ASOS in Russia.

Order tracking ASOS

The location of the purchase of the PUMPS can easily be tracked by a tracking code on the website trackgo.ruthat allows the client to know at what stage it is processing or shipping. Tracking of orders from ASOS – this is a fairly simple and quick procedure. In order to determine exactly where at the moment your product, you must log on as a service and enter the 9-digit order number in the search box. Then displays detailed information about the whereabouts of your purchase.

Where to get code for tracking ASOS

Greatly simplifies the search the opportunity to check you are sending as the order code, and a unique track issued after dispatch. Data from the first number you can always look in your account on the website of ASOS. If you are interested in, how to track the shipment of ASOS in the Russian Post, our experts have specially developed a short guideline on how to search:

Where come the packages from ASOS

Place your parcel delivery usually depends on what type of delivery was selected by the customer during checkout: standard or Express

If you have selected standard delivery, then the shipment by Mail of Spain in the country of receipt. Then the parcel goes to the management of local postal company Mail of Russia or Ukrposhta. ASOS tracking number to know the date of receipt of the parcel at your nearest branch.

If you have chosen Express shipping, the item is sent from UK company Skynet, which, in turn, sends a parcel of the Pony Express. The courier service delivers it to the client's address and issues a parcel personally.

How long is a parcel from ASOS

Depending on what the city is decorated shipping order, depends on how much time will go parcel from the sender to the recipient. Approximate transit times to your country and city can be viewed when ordering on the website ASOS. The duration of delivery on the territory of Russia directly depends on the distance of customer location from Moscow. The website provides information for standard delivery of ASOS in Russia – 22 days, subject to the Express delivery is 4-5 days.

For example, according to statistics, in March 2018 delivery in Moscow carried out 10 days before the post office, while to Vladivostok for 21 days.

In order to better focus on timing of delivery, to consider that to Moscow orders take 4-5 days, followed by the import procedure and customs in 1-2 days. After that delivery time depends only on Russian post.

Track parcels ASOS number will allow you to know exactly where your order is at the moment, and to understand the anticipated date of delivery.

Contact ASOS

Customer support ASOS is using social networks Facebook and Vkontakte, where on the page the company can ask any question. Answers to the most common ones can be found on the official website.

Phone the hotline on the website ASOS is not specified because the phone is very difficult to solve quickly the problems with the purchase and delivery of goods, because all communication with clients is online.

Our service will allow you to always have full information about the whereabouts of your orders at ASOS. After searching parcels is always easy, fast and most convenient!

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