Powder.ru – Internet shop of cosmetics, a big shopping platform where are represented all the possible and impossible beauty. To make a booking, you must select and pay for your purchase. When filling out the field for delivery carefully provide your address to avoid later trouble.

After receiving the money to the seller, it is packing the purchased goods and take it to the office by the courier company that delivers. It can be:

During registration of the transport company of documents for the shipment is assigned a unique track code, which can track the movement of your order and delivery time at the address stated or to a parcel terminal PickPoint.

How to track order with Powder

In order to track the parcel with Powder.ru, you need to first find your track indicator on the website. To do this, the client must open the order page and see the menu "Givers". It was there and set a code sent.

Then the tracking algorithm is simple:

Service TrackGo.ru is a fast and simple search engine for your parcels. It is easy and convenient to track your orders from anywhere in the world. We have the ability to obtain information from more than 300 shipping companies. Menu of the site comfortable for the user. And after registration you can in your personal account to monitor multiple shipments and have constant access to the latest updates transport services.

What is the order number from the number of the parcel

Each order has two indicators explicitly, the order number and tracking number. Let's see, what information will the user for each of these codes. It is useful to you in the future, because many people confuse these two tracks and can't track their parcels.

The order number is a sequential number assigned by the website for quick access to the commercial transaction and consideration of their own sales. But to track the parcel with Powder on it you can not – this is internal information that is irrelevant to the delivery of the goods.

The tracking number is post a trackcode has a courier service to control the user move a specific order. Each carrier has its own combination of numbers and letters for shipment, and the seller fills in the field with detailed information after delivery service will inform him about the room.

Tracking number

To find the parcel number, you need to know which shipping company it will be delivered. After you have received from the seller such information go to the website of the said company, and type in the search bar your order number.

To cut a long search for carriers recommends that you track your parcel on our service. For this you do not need to look for a delivery service – just enter the tracking number of the shipment in the search box and get the history of the movement of specific parcels.

Package tracking with Pudra

To track your parcel with an online store Powder.ru at any time of the day. For the period of delivery influences not only the duration of the transport company, but also the place of residence of the customer. The farther you live from the warehouse from which you want the administration, the more time it will be in the way.

Once at the track you will see that the order is in the place of receipt, it is possible to take the ID and go package. The average delivery time with Pudra is 7-15 days.

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