When ordering different items Wiggle, the client wishes to control the movement of his purchases from the online store to the place of delivery. This files most often as a transport company is P2P TRAKPAK which allows you to determine the best shipping option for each item. A parcel from Wiggle , the client may keep track of how the number order site, and a unique track indicator assigned after registration in the postal service.

If the shipment is delivered by way of MetaPack, private room customer will receive a DM Consigment Code which looks as follows – DMC8DCBA5YJK. On our website https://trackgo.ru you will track orders and packages from Wiggle, inserting this code into the search box and clicking the Enter key or "Track".

Wiggle track by order number

After completing the purchase and payment online store order wiggle assigns this transaction its own serial number. This is not the track code of the transport company, but if the delivery is carried out by P2P TRAKPAK or MetaPack, test the sending location with the help of this number. Usually it looks like a set of 10 numbers, for example, 6228325544.

If you want to quickly get up to date information on their packages, sign up for the service Trackgo.EN. In your account you will be able to simultaneously update multiple orders. We have available more than 300 delivery services, which make the transport of goods from onlineshops around the world. All you need to know to obtain a report of shipment – the order number or tracking. If the carrier registers all movements of parcels, you'll immediately see it on the screen of your computer.

Tracking number

Company P2P TRAKPAK in the design of the parcel generates its own tracking code. It is similar to this combination of letters and numbers – WIG1872GB00410607502, CRC0066GB00392839554.

To the border with Russia is engaged in delivery service Skynet. But after customs it is passed to the Russian postal company Pony Express couriers which provide movement of the order at the specified address. Indicators for verification of departure from the service consist only of digits – 0568304422111.

Tracking DM Consigment Code

Find out where at the moment your parcel is sent to MetaPack, you can:

Attention! Our service automatically handles all the information about the number, scored in the search window, and displays it on the screen. You will see each sorting point, which was recorded parcel, along with the dates. You will also receive an additional track codes assigned to other transportation companies in the shipping process.

The history of the founding Wiggle

British online store order wiggle focuses on commodities for the sport. Different sports equipment, shoes, accessories and many other useful things, without which it can not do both professional and beginner.

The history of the Wiggle originates from 1999. The main rate, the founders then made on the availability of global brands and the ability to deliver them around the world. Range of products for athletes already were huge, and today he is at times exceeded its starting number.

Online market order wiggle has partnered with almost a hundred countries, including Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. There is the option of free delivery, but here there is a minimum amount that the client should buy a product. For each country it is different.

In early 2016 order wiggle had a deal on a merger with another British Internet weareteachers Chain Reaction Cycles. So it turned out a powerful Union of two separate brands Wiggle-CRC, which holds leading positions in its trading niche. It all started with a small shop of goods for Cycles, Bicycle Butler with a staff of 3 people. Today, the service Wiggle involves more than 350 employees.

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